How Can One Decorate Their House Like Balinese Bungalow?

Every house owner wishes to decorate their house in a unique way, for which they keep taking inspiration now and then. However, lately, many people have shown interest in decorating their homes in the Balinese Bungalow style. Indeed, there is no shortage of inspiration to be found in Bali. From its ancient temples to palaces, one can find thousands of options to inspire and include it in their home decor.

Nowadays, redecorating a home in the Balinese style has become the next big thing. Regardless of where one resides, people can now bring the freshness and uniqueness of Bali to their homes by using interior designs. So, those curious to know how to decorate their house with ceremonial Umbrella and other unique items to get a Balinese touch can go through the details shared.

Tips to decor the house to get a Balinese Bungalow touch

Initially, it might seem a bit tricky to style the house according to Balinese culture, but if one keeps the following tips in mind, they can quickly redecorate their home.

1) Influences from the culture and nature

To bring the essence of Bali into the home, it requires that one properly blends the influences from the culture and nature. So, initially, one needs to focus on the greenery. Harmonizing the outdoors with the indoors is the first step to creating a paradise-like feel.

2) Incorporating natural materials in decor

Balinese are pretty famous for incorporating natural materials into their home decor. Like one can opt for a teak coffee table or a side table. To shop some of the versatile pieces, one can browse through Blossom's Boutique, as they offer some of the best furniture options that can help add a modern and classic touch to the ambiance.

3) Quality crafts

Another factor in recreating the Balinese style is picking the best crafts. So, it is highly recommended that one look for carefully crafted wood furniture, daybeds, buffets, ceremonial Umbrella, intricate doors, and folding room dividers for adding dimension and texture to the wall.

4) Including flora to exterior and interior

If the house's climate allows, one can include tropical plants like ferns, palms, bamboo, and more in the living space. However, if the flora has a slim chance of survival, one can select the art prints, silk plants, and wallpapers to recreate the space.

5) Adding color to the space

The last step for completing the Bali-style bungalow look is adding colors to the space. One can add bright hues and sculptures to the room. Besides the wood and greenery, one can even opt to include some decorative details like Balinese motifs like lanterns, Buddhas, elephants, ceremonial Umbrella, which have deep roots in Bali's ceremonies and festivals.

Thus, these are the few decor tips that one can consider to redecorate their space by taking inspiration from the Balinese culture.

Bottom Line

Now, for all the people who wished to redecorate their house in the Balinese style, hopefully, the provided tips would help them decorate their home and bring the Bali feels to their space. Further, those confused about where they can get themselves the best decor and furniture items can visit Blossom's Boutique, browse through the various options, and place their order for the required items to bring Balinese feel to the space.